CVS Basics

Extra Care Card FAQ

What is the ExtraCare Card?
The CVS ExtraCare card allows you to take advantage of their Extra Care Buck program as well as receive in store coupons via snail mail or email. You can obtain a CVS ExtraCare card from any store, just ask for it at the register. They will give you a short form to fill out, and then give you your card. You can also register for one online if you are willing to wait a week or two to get it in the mail.
If you filled out the form at the store, you can go online and register your card with all your information, or you can go ahead and call CVS customer service (1-800-SHOP-CVS), and ask them to register your card so that you can see your account online. The advantage of seeing it online is you can check your spending there. You can also use it to purchase items online and get discounts and have it count toward your spending for the quarter (more on that in a moment). You cannot get ECBs when you shop online.
The ECB program is tied to your CVS card. If you forget your card at home, the cashier can manually enter in your phone number. The register then will pull up the information on the last card scanned that is associated with this phone number.

How the Extra Care Bucks Program Works
Each week an ad comes out with weekly ECB deals.  These are generally in the form of :
Buy XYZ product for $X.xx and receive $X.xx in ECB or
Buy $X.xx of XYZ product and receive $X ECB
These ECB's are essentially free money, money that you have already spent and are printed on the end of your cash regiser receipts.  They are good on any products except cigarettes or gift cards.  You also recieve Quarterly ECB, which are dependant on your out of pocket (or OOP) spending, you recieve 2% back, plus $2 for every Rx filled there.  The quarterly ECB's print at the end of the quarter, not at the end of each receipt.
Please note that ECB's have an expiration date just as coupons do, it is usually one month from date of reception.
CRT coupons: In addition to ECBs printing at the bottom of your receipt, you may receive CRT coupons. These can be very general ~$1 of any pain reliever, or these can be more specific~ $2 off of a $10 Tylenol purchase. You may also receive CVS coupons such as $4 off of your $20 purchase on your next cvs purchase. These can be used in addition to your ECBs. CRT coupons can also be combined with mfg coupons.

CVS Coupon Policy