Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you Recycle Bank?

 If you don't, you should!  I love earning coupons!  Like the $5/$50 any Safeway purchase (which can be used at Fry's!!) which is my favorite right now, but there are also Ziploc, Coca-Cola, and Kashi coupons out right now!  What are you waiting for go RECYCLEBANK!

Q: What is Recyclebank?
A: We’re a group of passionate people who’ve made it our mission to inspire others to take action – small to big – that will have a positive impact on our planet.

We trade the actions you make that have a positive impact on your home by saving energy, community by recycling and the environment by conserving natural resources for points that you can use for rewards you choose. Those rewards come in a variety of flavors: Products, discounts and coupons from the world’s leading brands (think: Kashi, Footlocker, Dunkin Donuts), or you can pay the good deed forward by donating your points to support environmental education in schools.

Through these rewards programs, we not only help our own neighborhoods and cities, but we can see what how collective actions result in one serious collective impact. It’s our world, let’s better it together.

Q: How does Recyclebank work?
A: It's really pretty simple; you select a green action you want to be rewarded for and each time we have confirmation that you've done it, either through a points code or by recycling, we'll award you Recyclebank Points. These points can be used for rewards at local and national retailers and online.

Printable Coupons Round Up!

$.50/1 Fresh Express bagged salad  use zip 77450 (worth $1@ Fry's!)

$.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potaotes

$.40/1 Wacky Mac  (worth $1 @ Fry's)

$1/1 Wholly Product

40% off One Item at Borders

$2/1 Scotchgard Product

$1/1 4ct package or larger of Nestle Drumsticks

$1/2 Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs

$2/2 American Greetings Cards

$2/1 Scotchguard Product

$1/1 Boogie Wipes

Fry's now allowing overage on manufacturer's coupons!!!

I flipping love Fry's!!!!

Dear Fry’s Facebook Fans,

We wanted to let you know that starting immediately we are now allowing the value of a manufacturer coupon to exceed the value of an item; however, the “overage” is to be applied to other items in the order. Please see our updated coupon policy for the full details. The actual line in the policy that outlines this is as follows:

"A manufacturer’s coupon value may exceed the cost of the item if that overage is applied to other purchases. A coupon overage may not be used to get cash back at the end of an order."

This change does not apply to the doubling of coupons or our promotion to make all coupons up to a $1. For example, if a customer purchases a can of soup for 85¢ and has a manufacturer coupon for 50¢ the customer would receive a max of 85¢ for the item. The manufacturer only reimburses the retailer for the value of the item; therefore, we only double up to the price of the item being purchased. The doubling of coupons should not create “overage” when doubling is done correctly.

Thank you,

Fry's Food Stores

Fry's Coupon Policy Update